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San Francisco International Airport

Partners: Hensel Phelps / Critchfield Mechanical / Redwood Electric


Fontenoy Engineering Inc. (FEI) played a vital role in the construction of the new, 1.2 billion dollar terminal 1 at San Francisco’s international airport. 

FEI was involved in this high profile project from day one, quickly building its relationship with the prime contractor (Hensel Phelps) and the airport.

The following are the main scopes that FEI were involved in, and completed for the on time construction of SFO’s new terminal 1:

  • Installation of large diameter new storm drain,  sanitary sewer and water utilities. This included 20 foot deep excavation and installation of large utilities through a very narrow corridor, named “Miracle Alley” by the general contractor. 

  • Excavation for all electrical and plumbing scopes underneath the new building footprint.

  • Excavation of all structural pile caps, elevator pits, escalator pits and basement excavation.

  • Mass import and grading for the new terminal 1 building slab. 

  • Upon completion of work FEI installed high strength, PCC, airplane panels at international flight gate A1 in a timely manner as to not impede the flight schedule of the A380’s that were scheduled to board here.

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