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Mission Bay Parklab

Client: Mission Bay Development Group


Fontenoy has been heavily involved in the ongoing urban renewal efforts in the Mission Bay area. As part of the Mission Bay development blocks P13, P14 & P15 have been assigned to the Parklab to be developed as community space. 


P13 – Fontenoy worked with SFF Soccer as a design partner and performed the complete construction of two all-weather Soccer fields, a volleyball court and Pickle ball court complete with new perimeter fencing, night time lighting systems, new water service & restrooms. 

Part of the Soccer field design allowed for a portion of the lot to be designated a community workout area with 24 hour access. A partnership with Parklab and National Fitness Campaign allowed for the construction of a state of the art fitness court. The fitness court installation required a precision built concrete pad with a recess allowing the purpose built tiles to sit flush with the surrounding sidewalk. 

P-14 – Spark Social has been the epicenter of the areas revival, attracting food truck vendors from all over the bay area, it also has a beer/sangria garden, and event space designed to bring the neighborhood together for fun times, day or night. Fontenoy provided all of the site utilities including water service, sewage piping for the onsite restrooms and gas piping to each of the fire pits. The food truck area was then graded and paved with asphalt making the area functional in all weather conditions. 

P-15 – Parkland in collaboration with the talented design company and owner Stagecoach Greens, opened a unique and innovative mini golf course with accompanying event area and bar. Fontenoy worked with the designers to provide all wet & dry site utilities. We also worked on the site drainage and grading plan that eliminated the need to offhaul any surplus material which was a challenge as the mini golf holes were designed to be set on level grades only. Fontenoy worked with the architect and owners to create a split level site design with an asphalt walkway dividing the site into a low section and a high section. A decorative retaining wall structure was constructed by our carpenters to allow for this grade transition. The perimeter site fence was moved in and an asphalt sidewalk was constructed on MBay Blvd. North and South to allow for safe pedestrian access. 

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