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San Francisco Groundwater Supply

Client: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC)


Subcontracting to Western Water Construction, Fontenoy installed approximately 5000lf of groundwater supply piping in the Golden Gate Park for two newly built pump stations to draw water from the ground for an environmentally friendly, reliable local source of water in the sunset area. This work included install of pipework from both pump stations to a connection point for the city to designate as required, well pump station equipment & piping installation, cathodic protection installation for all pipework and we also undertook surface restoration for a large area in the park.


Fontenoy dealt with stringent traffic control and short working hours to complete this project in a timely manner to open back up commuter routes and minimize delays. A large amount of unknown and unclaimed utilities lay beneath the ground in the Golden Gate Park that we had to manoeuvre around was another challenge faced under this project.

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